Produce Wholesale Business

Procuring safe and dependable vegetables from contracting farms in Japan and overseas

We obtain fresh and high-quality vegetables from the Ota Market and Yokohama Market, nearby farms, and contracted farms in Japan and overseas.
We always conduct inspections of the production sites and verify the vegetable quality.


Superior procurement capability

A good or bad vegetable harvest is largely due to the weather. Over many years, we have developed relationships of trust with more than 50 suppliers, and as a result, are able to reliably deliver a supply of high-quality vegetables.
This allows us to meet the surges in demand, which occur at seasonal events such as Christmas, the New Year’s holiday, and the winter solstice.

Following the Great East Japan Earthquake, we switched to private power generation and were able to obtain vegetables from regions all across Japan. As a result, we were able to continue the reliable delivery of products without interruption in the supply of any items.