About Us

Message from the President

We provide cut fresh vegetables to meet all kinds of prepared food needs.

Our company proposes, processes, and produces cut vegetables that are used in prepared food products at major supermarkets, convenience stores, school and company meal services, and the restaurant industry, primarily in the Kanto-Koshinetsu region. We produce more than 150 types of products every day, including kit products that combine vegetables that are cut in a variety of shapes according to the dish with meat or fish and a sauce, coordinated with seasonal events and vegetable seasons.

Having started as a produce wholesale business, in the 1960`s we began sales of cut vegetables to meet the needs of major volume retailers - a business which was still quite unusual at that time. As we delivered products that precisely met a broad range of needs, we also accumulated extensive expertise concerning the provision of safe and dependable cut vegetables. The prepared food kits which we propose and sell, combining cut vegetables with meat or fish and a sauce, have been very popular because they make it possible to begin cooking immediately and provide freshly-cooked foods to the customers, and because they reduce labor expenses and improve operating efficiency.

In consideration of our aging society, in recent years we have also focused on products such as high-grade catering lunch boxes and hospital meals. With small-lot production, we can precisely meet special needs in cases when particular attention to calories or other details is required, and are expanding our record of successful small-lot deliveries.

We will continue to dedicate ourselves wholeheartedly to vegetable processing so that we are able to continue providing safer and more dependable cut vegetables for all kinds of prepared foods in the future.

Koichi Mikami, PRESIDENT

Processing of fresh vegetables that are more safe and trusted.We aim to be a company that can serve the local community.