Business Philosophy

Management Philosophies

Establish a company that is trusted by customers

Company perception

◉ Respect theory,idea and time

◉ Love your job and value communication

◉ Build a company that can lead us to realize our “dream”


Kamifukuoka Bussan aims to be a company that contributes to local societies through a safer and more dependable processing of fresh vegetables.

We are working to protect the environment, reduce waste materials, and carry out the recycling.

Recycling of food waste products

Beginning from August 2009, all remains generated by the production process are composted so that nothing is wasted.

Recycling of packaging materials

We have requested the cooperation of delivery companies, and are working to reduce the amounts of cardboard, plastic, Styrofoam, and other packaging materials used when our products are delivered. In addition, we recycle all the material waste that is produced.

Treatment of plant wastewater

The wastewater from the production process, washing, and other processes are treated at a sewage membrane treatment facility within the plant before it is released. It’s the future, we will work to reuse treated water at the washing equipment within the plant.

Measures to combat global warming

We will work to conserve resources and save energy by improving productivity and streamlining our operations in order to reduce the impact on the environment.