Vegetable Processing Business

Processing and sales of cut vegetables

Kamifukuoka Bussan produces and sells cut vegetables primarily for the following.

  • Prepared foods corners at supermarkets
  • Convenience store lunch boxes
  • Hospital meals and company meal services

Beginning with processing and sales of cut vegetables to meet the needs of the prepared food of major supermarkets in the 1960s, we have continued to meet a broad range of needs and have accumulated extensive expertise related to the provision of safe and dependable cut vegetables. Now, we are engaged in the wholesale business of kit products combining meat or fish with seasonings or other ingredients according to the dish that will be prepared for supermarkets and convenience stores.

We produce and sell approximately 150 SKU of kit products each day in order to meet customer needs for fried, saute´ed, stewed, baked, and all other kinds of foods.


Our strength is in making the best use of vegetable characteristics and providing processing to meet customer needs!

We can provide all kinds of processing to meet food preparation needs, including varying the cutting style, thickness, length, and size, as well as edge rounding and carving by a millimeter.
We can make the best use of the vegetable characteristics of each individual ingredient, and meet fine-tuned requests such as varying the cutting style and thickness to make the vegetables easier for the customer to cook.
We will propose the cut that makes the best use of the vegetable characteristics. For example, with onions, we can cut along the fibers for use in marinades, or cut to preserve firmness for use in prepared foods.


Our company`s cut vegetable process


Production line